Hendrix College Computer Science

Welcome to the Hendrix College Computer Science program! We are part of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

At Hendrix, between ten to fifteen students graduate with a degree in Computer Science each year. Our classes tend to be fairly small (ten to twenty students is typical), which allows us to use engaged learning techniques as we help our students understand computer science, for example data analysis notebooks in our introductory course, and physical manipulatives and POGIL team exercises in upper-level courses.

In our introductory courses, students learn the Python and Java programming languages. Upper-level courses employ Python, Java, Haskell, C#, and Rust. Through their coursework, all of our majors become comfortable using Github and common software engineering frameworks such as Flutter, ROS, ASP.NET, or Unity.

Most classes also include a large project spanning several weeks or even the entire semester; this project allows students to gain a deeper understanding of concepts related to class topics, as well as gaining a deeper appreciation for industrial-scale software design. The major culminates in the senior capstone experience, in which over the course of a semester each student creates an individual free-form project that showcases their achievements in computing.




Software Projects

Our department faculty develop and maintain numerous software projects, all of which welcome student contributions. Here is a selection of our current projects:



Our department is very active in competitive programming. Our programming team participates in numerous events, and we also host an annual competition.

We also have students regularly particpate and succeed in the COMAP International Contest on Mathematical Modeling.



The Hendrix computer science curriculum balances theory and practice to help students achieve a well-rounded understanding of computing. Upon graduating, our students:

Major in Computer Science

11 courses distributed as follows:

Minor in Computer Science

6 courses distributed as follows:


Course Webpages

The syllabi for the most recent version of each of our courses can be found below. You might also read the course descriptions in the Hendrix Catalog.