Module 00: Introduction to CSCI 360

Welcome to your first module for CSCI 360, Programming Languages! In this course we will be taking a somewhat different approach than you may be used to. Although there will be some traditional lecturing, much of your time in class will be spent working in teams to complete modules like this one. Each module will guide you through a learning process on a particular topic. However, although the modules themselves will form the primary framework for your learning, there will also be ample opportunity to interact with me and with your classmates.

Please read and follow the instructions below, and fill in answers and information as requested. The completed module should be turned in electronically via this Google form before the beginning of class on Monday. Each team only needs to turn in one completed module for the whole team.

Questions or instructions that require some sort of action or response are preceded by an asterisk * (or a bullet, if you are reading the HTML version). This file is written using Markdown syntax. You can read about Markdown here. pandoc can be used to convert Markdown to HTML.

Remember to use complete sentences and correct punctuation when filling in your responses!

Get to know your team

The person who is typing is the “driver” (for now). The driver’s responsibility is to operate the computer, being careful to listen to input from their teammates.

Note that the role of driver, and the other roles described below, are not fixed: they will vary from class to class and even within the same class.

The other team member(s) are “navigators”. Their responsibility is to give input to help guide the driver, and to carefully check any code the driver writes. Navigators may also use another computer or device to look up reference information, but the team should only be working on one copy of the module.

At this point everyone should have had a chance to type, and you should have recorded everyone’s responses to the questions. The original driver can now resume their original role.

Get to know the syllabus

Find the syllabus for CSCI 360 on the course webpage.

When you reach this point, STOP and let Dr. Yorgey know.