Lab 1: CodingBat


This week, you will use the website CodingBat to learn Java syntax and structure.


As you work with partners today, be sure that you:

  • Create a single, shared account (Step 1 below)
  • Put all your names on the shared account in the Memo section
  • Rotate who has the keyboard with each new problem.


Step 1

Go to CodingBat and click on “create account” in the top right. Use one of your Hendrix emails as your account id, and choose a password.

Step 2

Once you are logged in, click on “prefs” in the top right. In the box at the bottom labelled “Share To”, fill in the Hendrix email address of your lab instructor (, then click “Share”. This will allow your instructor to see your progress.

Fill all of your names in the Memo section.

Step 3

Click on Warmup-1 in the Java section of CodingBat. Click on sleep_in. Read the description of the desired function behavior, and fill in a suitable function definition.

Once you have filled in a definition for the function, click “Go”. CodingBat will automatically run your function on a number of test inputs and check whether it has the required behavior. If your function passes all the tests, you will get a big green check mark, and you can move on to the next problem. Otherwise, the failing tests will be highlighted in red; fix your function and try again.

Step 4

Work with your partners to complete the problems described below in the grading section.

Academic Integrity

You must write the solutions with your partners and work together. You may ask other students for advice, but remember that

  • You may not look at any other groups’s code.
  • You may not show your code to any other students.
  • You may not look at or copy any solutions you find on the Internet. This includes solutions on the CodingBat site itself.

What to Hand In

Share your account with your lab instructor as described in Step 2 above, so your instructor will be able to see your progress.

In Teams, write a one-paragraph reflection on your comfort level programming in Java after completing this lab, and discuss your experience of the process of repeatedly writing small programs and making mistakes.


  • To Partially Complete this lab, complete five Warmup-1 problems
  • and seven problems in each of
  • To Complete this lab, do the above and five problems in each of
  • and three problems in
  • and submit a reflection paragraph.