Lab : Context Free Art practice lab


First, with your partner(s), decide who will be the “driver” first (you will all get a turn eventually). The driver should share their screen and open the Context Free Art app.

Working as a group, write code to recreate this image as closely as possible:

It does not matter if it is perfect but you should try to get it as close as you can.

Some hints:

  • To make a heart, overlap two circles and a square.
  • The example code Dr. Yorgey wrote in class can be found in Teams:
  • For a reminder on how to use colors, see the page on shape adjustments. Remember to set the saturation and brightness to something other than zero. (e.g. [... sat 1 b 1 ...])
  • To repeat something a certain number of times and make changes to it along the way, use a loop.
  • Dr. Yorgey will be visiting your group periodically to see how you’re coming along. If you get stuck or run into questions, write them down and ask the next time Dr. Yorgey visits. In the meantime, see if you can make progress in some other way.


Now, switch drivers: have someone else open the Context Free app and share their screen. If you wish, the first driver can send the .cfdg file with your code from the practice exercise so the second driver doesn’t have to start from scratch. (However, if only one person in your group has Context Free Art working on their computer then of course you don’t have to switch.)

Working together, either starting from the practice exercise code or from a blank file, explore Context Free Art and create something!

If you are in a group of three, make sure to switch again at some point so the third person has a chance to be the driver as well.